November 25, 2015

In part two of his SWERVE interview with the Head Bangers, Vince, along with Mosh and Thrasher take a closer look at their involvement in the Attitude Era and what it was like working for the WWF when they were at an all-time high. They will also discuss where the team would rank today in the current tag team pecking order. 


This preview is also available in audio format on iTunes and our audio page.


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April 21, 2015


Back on the prior site, we had a few episodes of The Swerve that aired live on YouTube.  I would tweet wrestling fans that were either supporters of or were tweeting about whichever guest we had on that evening to help promote the show and invite them to view the broadcast.  I’d say something like “Vince Russo is interviewing (name) in 30 mins, here is the link:” and I specifically remember one response I got in return.  She said something along the lines of “I like Jim Cornette, so I hate Vince Russo.”  


It confuses me as to why people think they have to choose a side in such matters.  It is okay to like both!  This extends beyond personalities that may have an issue with someone else and is also relevant to wrestling companies.  There are wrestling fans that support one company wholeheartedly and wish extinction o...

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