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DAILY NOTES-04/24/2015


  • Last night we witnessed BASEBALL in Chicago where the KC Royals and the White Sox finally had at it after bad blood had been flowing between both teams. The lid finally blew-off when Jordano Ventura quick-pitched Adam Eaton, who bounced back to the box. Eaton had some words for Ventura, Ventura fired back, and it was on! Five players were thrown out of the game. I have to say, even though Harold Reynolds pointed out that THIS ONE was not Ventura’s fault---the kid is a @#$%^ disturber and is going to be a marked man if he continues his childish and adolescent behavior.

  • The AMAZING METS won their 11th straight game yesterday. Smoke and mirrors? I think so. Whereas this team should compete for a wild card this year---no way are they THIS good. They will come down to earth.

  • After a miserable 4-10 start, the Giants swept the Dodgers in a three-game series at AT & T Park by doing what they do best---playing “small ball”. Basically because beside from Buster Posey, there is nobody else on the roster capable of playing---LONG BALL!

  • Yankees swept the Tigers. WHAT IS IN THE WATER IN NEW YORK?!!!

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