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I just finished recording the very first episode of “Raw: The Day After” with Vince Russo and I sincerely hope you all get to hear it. We had over an hour conversation and dissected the show segment by segment in this brand new feature for THE BRAND – our special VIP members.

It was an interesting episode, for sure, and if you enjoyed “Russo On Raw” in the past you will definitely be entertained by today’s episode. Vince gives his thoughts on everything from last night’s episode of Monday Night Raw including the highly talked about Kevin Owens/John Cena in-ring promo, Lana and Rusev, and Stephanie McMahon’s return. He also dissected the creative direction for Seth Rollins.

There was one particular part of Raw that Vince and I disagreed on, which I thought made for excellent conversation. Whether Vince likes something or dislikes it, he will always give you the reasons why. It is not a podcast where we are going to say “Raw sucks” or “Raw was awesome” with no substance.

One of my goals with the show is to get Vince’s opinion on certain performers each week without bringing creative into the conversation. This week, Vince gave his thoughts on Ryback, Rusev, and Neville. He also named one performer that he always pops for regardless of material, and we both picked our “performers of the week.”

If you are a subscribing member of The Brand, you get to see this podcast every single Tuesday in the VIP section of the site. If you haven’t subscribed yet, you can do so by clicking the big red Subscribe button on the main page of VinceRussoBrand.com to enjoy at least FIVE NEW VIDEO PODCASTS (also available in audio) a week. Shows such as “The Swerve”, “Vixens Who Rule”, and “Shoot 2 Thrill” provide three guests every single week from the wrestling and entertainment industries. Besides “Raw: The Day After”, you will also get Vince’s weekly “Bucket Full of Chicken Necks” where he gives his patented take on the pop culture news of the week, along with behind the scenes stories of his personal life in and out of wrestling.

I hope you all join us on The Brand and become part of the most respectful wrestling and entertainment fans out there, while getting the best insider wrestling content available today.

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