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As mentioned by Vince earlier, any new member of The Brand who subscribes in the next week will get their first month of membership for only $2.99! I’m going to get into a little bit of detail about what you get each and every month when you become a VIP member.

When you are a VIP member at VinceRussoBrand.com you get five video podcasts or interviews EACH WEEK! Current lineup is:

Mondays: Vixens Who Rule - a podcast dedicated to successful women in sports and entertainment. Past guests include Ivelisse, Brooke Adams, Deonna Purrazzo, Katarina Waters, Cherry Bomb. Allie Parker has already been announced as a future guest.

Tuesdays: Raw The Day After - Vince Russo and Jeff Lane give an honest review of Monday Night Raw, dissecting what worked and what didn't.

Wednesdays: The Swerve - Vince brings on a guest each week to converse about their life, career, and upcoming projects. Past guests include Billy Corgan, Zac Eisenstein, Jason Carrion, Tommy Blacha, Jason Aaron, Chris Sabin, Terri Runnels. Kris Travis has already been announced as a future guest.

Thursdays: Shoot 2 Thrill - Just like The Swerve, Vince brings on a weekly guest to have a conversation about real life issues and experiences these stars have dealt with. Past guests include Bill DeMott, Ethan Carter III, Chael Sonnen, Bobby Roode, Scott Hudson. Samuel Shaw has already been announced as a future guest.

Fridays: A Bucket Full of Chicken Necks - Vince rants on an entire week of life and news. Whether it involves his family, TMZ headlines, wrestling, sports, or personal stories, you will get full emotion from Vince that may make you laugh or cry!

You will get these shows every week in video and audio format. Sign up now, get first month for $2.99, and become a part of the best wrestling community with insight you can only get from someone who has done it himself: bitly.com/brand2-99

Follow Jeff on Twitter: @JeffLane22

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