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With this I bear my absolute heart and soul with the world as my witness.

Father, I deeply apologize for the "human" side of me not having the absolute faith in You to do all the things that You promise us when we accept you as our Lord and Savor.

Since I dedicated my life to You, You have tried to show me Your way, by closing certain doors for me in the process. No, Father, you didn't just close them . . . You slammed them shut! And me, being the sinner I am, tried on many occasions to re-open those doors---against Your will---do to my lack of faith of knowing You will provide for me and my family. For that, with the world as my witness, I drop to me knees and ask for Your forgiveness. If it takes me publically confessing my sin to YOU---in an effort to never commit that same sin again---then I gladly drop to my knees at Your feet in front of all.

I am a sinner, Father, who is absolutely NOTHING without You. I pray that You show me YOUR will, and YOUR way, and out of my absolute love for You . . . I will follow.



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