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Tomorrow begins a new chapter for us here at VinceRussoBrand.com. For the first time ever, Vince Russo will look back and discuss episodes of Monday Night Raw from The Attitude Era that he himself wrote. Starting with episode #238 (December 15, 1997) and continuing in order each week thereafter, Vince and myself will tackle every episode from top to bottom with exclusive writer’s commentary that you can’t get anywhere else on episodes from WWE’s highest rated period of Monday Night Raw.

While the 12/15/97 isn’t the first episode that Vince wrote, it is the episode that WWE identifies as the beginning of The Attitude Era. Every single Raw episode is available on their network from that show through Jan 4, 1999. If you’re keeping track, that gives us over a year’s worth of material to start with. Hopefully by the time we reach that episode, they will have added the rest of Vince & Ed Ferrara’s run through October of 1999.

Not only will Vince discuss behind the scenes info that went into the creative for these episodes, but he will also reveal if there is anything he would do differently today. I will give my thoughts on the episode, and ask Vince any questions that I have as it pertains to behind the scenes stories. You also can ask questions for Vince by using the hashtag #RussoAttitude on Twitter every week as it pertains to that particular episode. Get them in by Monday each week, and I will ask some on the show.

If you haven’t signed up yet to become a VIP member of The Brand, there isn’t a better time than now. Besides this show, you will also get THREE VIDEO interviews a week with stars in wrestling and entertainment. All you have to do is click “Subscribe” on the main page to get started.

For the first time in history, you will be able to hear writer’s commentary on The Attitude Era. WWE’s ratings for Raw were never higher before or after Vince Russo was the head writer. Relive these unbelievable episodes with Vince every Tuesday. “Raw: What Was It GOOD For” is definitely the cure for the boring Raw review.

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