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After just two weeks on iHeart Radio, the network executives have decided that they want to expand the talent of Vince Russo into a much bigger and broader spectrum by introducing him to an audience that goes way beyond the realm of just sports entertainment. At this very moment they are discussing plans to give Vince a talk show on terrestrial radio where he will have the ability to discuss just about anything and everything that's on his mind.

With that being said, iHeart Radio is giving the second part of the Mick Foley interview, and the entire ONE-HOUR Ric Flair interview to the RELM Network to play EXCLUSIVELY to the members of the BRAND! The Foley interview will be available on Monday, September 21st and the Ric Flair interview will follow the next week on the 28th. Remember you MUST BE a member of the BRAND to hear both these exclusive interviews.

There are 20 days remaining to sign up to THE BRAND for only $2.99 a month---4 LIFE (with the option of leaving at any time). Just go to the subscribe button on this site and use the code word: BRAND.

Join The Brand for just $2.95! Click HERE for more info...

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