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THE BILL DEMOTT EXPERIENCE: Talkin' Football with Ms. Paula #6

On this edition of The Bill DeMott Experience, Bill and Paula get right to the news of the week with Dallas winning again and the Giants having a hard time getting it going.

Bill and Paula start out again this week on periscope and Paula wants to discuss Social media.

Paula gets all worked up after Bill suggested that Michael Vick (or anyone) could be going to Dallas now that Romo is out. Paula is very stern about Vick and declares she will drop our bet if Vick goes to Dallas.

We make our picks for week 3 and talk a little football around the league.

Don’t miss one Thursday of the NFL football season as Bill & Paula are just getting warmed up.

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Through out the season Bill & Ms. Paula will talk football, Cowboys, Giants and current events and whatever else comes up.

Also available in audio format on iTunes and on our audio page.

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