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THE BILL DEMOTT EXPERIENCE: Talkin' Football with Ms. Paula #8

On this edition of the BDE, Bill and Ms. Paula talk week 4 picks and then make there...........wait a minute we find out that Ms. Paula is not here and Bill has a “special” guest.

Bill discusses this week in the NFL talk about last week’s picks and touches on some NFL stories.

All this goes on as we try to figure out where Ms. Paula is????

Bill is talking to a hand puppet! Bill tries to fill the void of Paula being out with his new friend a sock puppet.

IT is no coincidence that Paula is missing after Dallas looses two games in a row – hopefully next week sees the return of Ms. Paula to Thursday’s podcast.

Bill talks about the BDE on YouTube and past episodes and what’s coming up on the RELM network.

Don’t miss one Thursday of the NFL football season w /Bill & Ms. Paula

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Through out the season Bill & Ms. Paula will talk football, Cowboys, Giants and current events and whatever else comes up.

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