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THE BILL DEMOTT EXPERIENCE: Talkin' Football with Ms. Paula (Week 15)

On this edition the BDE, Bill and Paula get right to business. we talk about the NFC being up for grabs.

Faking Injuries on the field and being brutally honest about all things. Paula comes right out and says Johnny Manziel is dirty and so is Cleveland............So much fun and football this week as things start to get interesting.

We catch everyone up to with Billy Gunn is doing lately and we just have fun!

Hashtag for this week: #SugarCoatIt

Lots of fun as we get closer to the end of the regular season and ready for the post season. The NFC East is up for grabs!!!

Always fun and entertaining with some "shots" thrown in the process.

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Through out the season Bill & Ms. Paula will talk football, Cowboys, Giants and current events and whatever else comes up.

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