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THE BILL DEMOTT EXPERIENCE: Face Value - On location in Des Moines Iowa

On this edition of Face Value, Bill and Casey take the show on the road as they promise, and they wind up in Des Moines, IA.

Bill is outside where it is 16 degrees with a zero degree wind chill, and finds out that Casey is warm and cozy with her hot cocoa in the Iowa mansion.

Bill promises an exclusive interview with Sean Penn, and come to find out its Bill's brother-in-law.

We pay tribute to David Bowie and Dan Haggerty. We talk about Clay Aiken and his hate for American Idol.

We discuss go fund me and how any stripper can ask for money after not winning the lottery.

Bill does all this while sitting in the freezing cold, the snow suddenly picks up, and the owl behind Bill's shoulder comes to life.

We discuss whether or not the Oscar's are culturally biased, and if everyone should win an award just because.

All this and more as Bill and Casey continue to bring the best of the weeks updates and prove they will go to any extreme to entertain the masses.

Thank you to everyone that supports the Bill DeMott Experience, and the DeMott family!

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