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On this inaugural edition of -DeMott's Turning Point on the BDE, Bill catches up with long time wrestling journeyman and now promoter Chase Stevens.

Chase and his partner former Miss Tennessee Leah Hulan have joined forces to start up Arcadian Wrestling Association out of Tennessee.

The promotion kicks off its inaugural weekend Jan.21st, 22nd, and 23rd in central Tenn.

Chase and I tell a couple of Tracy Smothers stories and how things used to be in pro wrestling.

Chase has been doing this for 18+ years and is now going to be getting into the promotional side of this business. Get out and support Arcadian Wrestling Association www.arcadianwrestling.com

We also get a chance to talk about the state of "wrestling" today and I ask Chase his plans for being part of the roster as well as the boss

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W / Bill & Ms. Paula

Face Value w/ Bill DeMott and his #MoralCompass

DeMott’s Turning point – Talking Wrestling

Also available in audio format on iTunes and on our audio page.

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