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THE BILL DEMOTT EXPERIENCE: Face Value - Feb. 13, 2016

On this epode of Face Value, Bill comes home on his day off from shooting his first feature film to catch up with Casey and discuss this week’s hottest topics.

We talk Beyoncé and the Black Panthers, Burger king now selling hotdogs.

which is more serious Herpes or the Zika virus?

Bill tells Casey he could be a plus size model and so much more.

Don’t miss anything these two talk about on a weekly basis. Casey also explains how #RestingBitchFace is a real thing and Bill has it!

Don’t miss one edition of Face Value!!

All this and more as Bill and Casey continue to bring the best of the weeks updates and prove they will go to any extreme to entertain the masses.

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Also available in audio format on our audio page.

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