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(VIP) THE SWERVE: "Star Maker" Kenny Bolin, Part One (Preview)

In this episode of The Swerve, Vince's guest is none other then Living Legend Kenny "Star Maker" Bolin! Mr. Bolin is a cornerstone in the wrestling business, building a lustrous career in Ohio Valley Wrestling, where he was instrumental in getting some of today's top stars ready for THE SHOW--including John Cena and Brock Lesnar. Bolin, however, also thrived in front of the camera where he was one of the most colorful characters that OVW ever saw. A historian of Memphis wrestling, Kenny idolized Jerry "The King" Lawler growing up, and knows more about The King then he knows about himself. One more thing---Kenny Bolin has been lifelong friends with James E. Cornette, since the two were kids! Kenny's son, Chris, also appears on the show!

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